Products & capabilities

PRODUCTS Monolayer and double layers  
Multilayers until32 layers
Flexible monolayer and multilayer circuits of even longer than the average (>10mt).
BASE MATERIAL XPC, XXPC, FR1, FR2, FR4, CEM1, CEM3, CEM3 R-1787; Kapton; Alluminium MaF-01, MaF-02, MaF-03; Halogen Free High CTI, Poliamide; Roger: 4003/4350/5870/5880/6002/6010; Taconic: RF35A TacPreg/TacLam ; Arlon: 25N, 25Fr
TYPE OF DRILLING CNC drilling - Punching - Laser drilling
DEVELOPMENT Photoengraving - Silkscreen
PLATED chemical copper - Electrolityc copper
SOLDER RESIST Photographic (LPI) - Silkscreen
SURFACE FINISH Pre-Flux; OSP Coating (Entek, Entek Plus); Carbon Print; Silver Paste Through Hole; Hot Air Levelling Sn/pb; Hot Air Levelling Lead Free; Nickel/ Chemical Gold; Nickel/ Flash Galvanic Gold; Nickel/ Galvanic Gold; Gold Finger Plating; Immersion Tin; 
OUTLINE CNC routing; V-Scoring; Punching; Laser routing;
PROTECTION PADS Peelable Mask (Compatible with Lead Free processes)

Minimun diameter: 0.1mm laser; 0.2mm CNC; 0.7mm punch;

Aspect ratio: 12:1

Diameter tollerance +/- 0.025 mm laser; +/- 0.05 mm CNC; +/- 0.08 mm da punch

Buried and blind holes i: min 0.10 mm

TRACK Dimension min: 0.050 mm
Insulatemin: 0.050 mm
PAD Insulate min: 0.050 mm
Section min: 0.050 mm; 0.700 mm pucnh;

Copper: 17um – 205um inner layers ; 20um – 400um outer layers

Nickel: 4um – 5um

Flash Gold: 1um – 3um

Immersion Gold: 5um





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